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Topic: Why do you copy someone else's articles?

CopyrightThere are plenty of site creation methods. A lot of people earn money with the help of their own resource on the Internet. So it is quite popular. You can find different manuals and services which allow creating a site in a few minutes, so even a novice user can get a site. Not everybody always uses legal methods in pursuit of high profits. Unfortunately, today there are many resources, whose owners don't differ with honesty and integrity. For filling of the site they use someone else's articles, graphics images or other content.

To copy or not to copy?
There is no clear opinion concerning copying of articles from others resource. Certainly, the majority of authors don’t like it. It is quite natural, because writing of unique article takes away time and forces. It is unlikely he will be happy if someone steals his work. At the same time there are also such authors who speak out in defense of content copying under certain conditions. They consider that such method, for example, creation of a selection of certain subjects, helps both to authors, and users. The author receives extension of the reader's audience, the user in return receives a lot of structured information and he shouldn't stay on the Internet an uncountable number of hours trying to discover details of subject he is interested in. But there is one "but". The principal condition of such copying is the mandatory link in the text on an original resource, namely on authoring article.

By a court decision
In Ukraine as well as in many other states copyright is protected by the law. If the person having such rights finds out that his article (or any other subject of authorship) was copied without permission and without the link to the original, he can file a lawsuit the claim for violation. There are cases when copying of information happens unconsciously. Such situations, as a rule, are solved amicably and do not come to court. Everything happens quickly and easily: the creator of article sends a letter to an administration of a resource that copied an article that he is an author and possesses copyright. Then the resource removes an article or indicates the author.

If the site on which plagiarism was found, doesn't want to resolve an issue peacefully, the author goes to the court. Copyright is protected by the administrative, civil and criminal laws of Ukraine (article 42 of the Law of Ukraine "About copyright and the adjacent rights").
If the fault of the violator was proved in a judicial order, the author can demand reimbursing of damage which was caused as a result of non-compliance with copyright. Otherwise he can demand the profit got by the violator instead of indemnification. Also the author can demand the compensating which size is defined by the court. In addition to damage reimbursing, the violator should pay a penalty (10% from the reimbursing amount) to the state budget. Also you shouldn't forget about possibility of the author to demand reimbursing of a moral loss. It is said in the 44th Article Damages for breach of copyright and the adjacent rights in the Law of Ukraine "About copyright and the adjacent rights".