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Topic: Plagiarism in the history

    More than three centuries passed since acceptance of the first Copyright Act. There were a lot of funny incidents when copyright was violated during this period. One of the most interesting story concerns Julia Shramm, the leader of a popular political Pirate Party in Germany. This girl opposed The Copyright Act very actively. Thanks to that Shramm became very popular. That is why she decided to publish her own book devoted to the free flow of information on the Internet. When the book appeared in the free access on a network, Shramm submitted the claim jointly with the publisher against the pirates who were spreading her book.

PlagiarismThe case of Julia Schramm is not the only prosecution of pirates by pirates. The well-known Fargus Company was selling game discs. It translated foreign games and sold them as if these games were its property. Certainly, foreign developers didn't receive anything from this profit. The popularity of the company has led to the fact that other retail outlets began selling pirated discs with the "Fargus" logo. The company filed a lawsuit against one of such sellers.
One more interesting fact is an existence of special religion. Missionary Church of Kopimism is officially registered and accepts absolutely everyone. It is possible to become a member of this church only having proclaimed itself a kopimist. The organization promotes the free flow of information on a network.

There was a case when copyright had been violated by the whole state. It was USSR. Well-known Feodor Shalyapin together with Maxim Gorkim created the work "Pages of My Life" which was published in the Soviet Union. The book was written before departure of the opera singer from the country, and after its publication Shalyapin appealed to court with the requirement to indemnify the material loss from violation of copyright. He won the case and received the huge amount of money from the USSR government (10 thousand francs). 

The famous song "Happy Birthday To You” is under protection of copyright Million friends and relatives sing to the birthday man on his birthday. It is interesting that execution of this song on family holidays doesn't violate copyright, but it is not allowed to use it for commercial purposes. That is why the song can be heard in movies so seldom. Nevertheless, the annual income from commercial performance of the song is about 2 million dollars.