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jQuery Checkbox
This plug-in stylizes any form`s element.
jQuery FormOne
One of the best plug-ins from the form category.
Uniform - не только перевоплощает формовые элементы, но и имеет стильный дизайн
Another plug-in for changing the form`s element appearance.
jClever Forms
Make your website more attractive with help of jClever Forms plug-in.
jQuery Form Styler
All in one: combination of several plug-ins. With help of jQuery Form Styler any form can be stylized.
Making Better Select Elements
Attractive and easy-to-use drop-down list without functionality loss.
Fancy Sliding Form with jQuery
This form embodied as a slide-show will economize your website space.
One more plug-in to adorn your web-form and increase the site functionality.
Long Press
Long Press is a jQuery plug-in, simplifying word stress and rare symbols writing.
Fancy Input
Wonderful text effects whenfilling up the form with data.
Chosen is a powerful plug-in which transforms selected stuff into search queries.
Better Check Boxes
Wonderful checkboxes in the Apple style.
Multifunctional dropping jQuery list.