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Galleria is a gallery, simplifying the process of beautiful image series creation for your website and mobile devices.
jQuery plug-in for multifunctional, rapid, efficient image viewing.
Pretty Photo
Pretty Photo is jQuery lightBox plug-in clone. It supports not only images, but video, Flash, YouTube, frames and AJAX.
Fancybox is one of the most widely used galleries of the World Wide Web, despite its last version (1.3.4) is dated 11.11.2010.
Photo Swipe
Photo Swipe is a gallery developed exclusively for mobile devices.
Super Sized
Beautiful, display-size gallery which has an essential image preview.
Attractive gallery with 3d effect.
Galleria Masters
This wonderful gallery can be useful even for professional photographer.
Camera slideshow
A gallery with a wide range of slide transition.
Animated Portfolio Gallery
Bright portfolio with an opportunity of scrolling image preview without mouse scroll – a mouse movement is all you need.
Polaroid Photobar Gallery
The more you seek, the more interesting you find. A perfect group gallery.
JQuery Gallery
This plug-in is perfectly suitable for professional photo gallery creation.
Full-screen gallery
Astonishing gallery with full-screen image reviewing.
Draggable Image Boxes Grid
This gallery doesn`t need a scroll, even if its width and height are bigger than your browser`s size.
«TouchTouch» gallery optimized to be used on mobile devices.
Simple, but spectacular jQuery gallery
Tiled Gallery
Excellent gallery with the feedback form for every image.
Gamma Gallery
GammaGallery is an excellent adaptive gallery.
Eye-catching gallery thumbnails demonstration with the curving effect while moving the mouse on gallery elements.
Astonishing adaptive gallery made of a couple of the best plug-ins.
3d Gallery + PrefixFree
This showy plug-in for your gallery has a smooth 3d effect and description for any image collection.