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Brisk CSS3 menu
A rapid advice on enlivening your menu with CSS3: adding an image to every menu paragraph and shifting it when aiming the mouse pointer.
An excellent jQuery menu
An interesting menu with an occuring the picture and section`s name will adorn your web-site whatever design it has.
Mega-jQuery menu
The menu beautifully pops up with an interesting effect. Download, install and enjoy!
A beautiful and large jQuery menu
You can hardly avoid noticing this menu! It will give your web-site a grandeur effect, visitors` interest and amenity of usage.
A menu with blur effect
We will show you how to experiment on text shadows to get a blur effect while mouse-pointing.
Smooth animated menu
There`s a smooth «softening» animation in this menu. It means a gradual speeding-up and slowdown during the animation, helping it look more realistic.
A menu with pull-down subparagraphs
This navigation has certain advantages: slipping items with authorization, registration and contact information, all in one menu.
Accordion-like menu
An extremely pretty navigation with uncovering illustrated paragraphs will definitely awake your website visitors` interest with its uniqueness.
LavaLamp is a popular, good-looking horizontal menu powered by jQuery.
Overlay Effect Menu
Nice pull-down menu with a plenty of categorized subsections.
Awesome Bubble Navigation
The menu with bubble-blowing effect greatly attracts your visitor’s attention.
Superfish is a pull-down menu powered by CSS.
Peculiar jQuery and CSS menu
A lovely menu in Windows 8 style.
Original jQuery submenu
Pull-down menu when mouse-pointing the section, supplied with a slider effect during the element change.
jQuery menu-slider
Vertical menu with the side content display, changing when mouse-pointing menu paragraph.
Horizontal jQuery menu
A horizontal menu in the LavaLamp style