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The basis of this plug-in is a pull-down menu on CSS and HTML, i.e. this menu will keep on working even if javaScript is disabled.  


  • Supports hover in IE6. sfHover is added by default, can be changed in settings.
  • If mouse is out of menu area, the menu itself doesn`t disappear. Delay of menu disappearing is set within 800 milliseconds, preventing menu hiding in case of accidental mouse-pointer leaving the menu borders.
  • Animated sub-menu appearing. The «fade-in» effect (smooth transparency change) is shown by default, can also be changed in settings.
  • A menu can be controlled with a keyboard. Necessary paragraph can be fetched on pushing Tab.
  • Supports hoverIntent plug-in. This plug-in is automatically checked for availability, so that advanced features of mouseovers are used..
  • Points out the submenu, automatically adding an image with an arrow to the parental paragraph. An arrow can be removed in the autoArrows setting.
  • A sliding shadow effect is displayed in all browsers that support it. Doesn`t work in IE6.
  • Supports callback functions.