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jQuery plugin for displaying pages in a neat overlay.
There are many different jQuery plugins for modal windows and dialogue realization. We offer you to try this one – arcticModal.
Simple modal window creation
Modal windows are getting more popular, although they were created a long time ago. With this example we are going to observepretty elemental, but still animated ones.
Modal window for jQuery websites
This example is to demonstrate beautiful modal window creation with the help of a simple jQuery plug-in.
noty v2
Noty is a plug-in for creating website notifications.
Modal CSS3 windows
With the help of this example you will be able to create the modal windows using CSS3, without JavaScript or images.
Alertify is a small library for beautiful dialogue windows and notifications presentation.
jQuery Avgrund
One more plug-in for dialogue window fetching - jQueryAvgrund.
Nice jQuery plug-in for pop-up demonstration on your website.
Nice jQuery plug-in, allowing to display pop-ups on your webpage.