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JQuery Awesomeness
Download the plugin and learn how to make the best tooltip popup with the help of jQuery Awesomeness.
jQuery UI Tooltip
One of the world`s most popular and reliable plugins. Millions keep using it.
jQuery tooltips with the Ajax loading.
Convenient, easily customizable plug-in which works in all browsers, including IE6, «adored» by everyone.
Powerful, flexible jQuery plugin.
A really interesting plugin with an opportunity of making a tooltip from any element, even Google Maps.
iPicture is a jQuery Plugin to create interactive pictures withan extra description.
A jQuery plugin that creates hovering tooltips.
An easy tooltip with the help of CSS3 and jQuery
A couple of code lines to create a new tooltip. It can`t be easier.
Sweet Tooltip
Eye-catching jQuery CSS3 tooltips.
Popping-up jQuery CSS3 tooltips
Beautiful jQuery CSS3 tooltip.