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Looped Slider
Looped slider makes a circular demonstration of selected images and your website is getting more interesting.
Apple-style Slideshow
When we talk about attractive, peculiar design, it`s very hard not to mention world-famous Apple company. So we recommend one of alike sliders for your websites.
Featured Content Slider
An interesting slider with image-like navigation, where the pictures are shown on the next slide.
Multifunctional slider with an opportunity of any element review.
Animate Panning Slideshow
Various effects for viewing your images. Automatic scrolling, simplicity of style.
Nivo Slider
What about NivoSlider? It`s popular among a lot of users, because it can be seen on many websites. It`s easy-to-use, attractive and multifunctional.
A plug-in which quickly took its place among the most popular sliders and presentations due to its unusual transition effect.
Sequence.js is a jQuery slider with built-in style.
Sliding Horizontal Parallax
Sliding Horizontal Parallax is a slider with parallax effect.
Flexslider 2.0
FlexSlider is a multifunctional slider, suitable for responsive design websites.
Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview
Elastic Image Slideshow with Thumbnail Preview.
jQuery Infinite Carousel
A simple carousel with a several functions support.
A very spectacular slider with 2d and 3d transitions.
Continuous carousel with a plenty of useful features. It can be easily adjusted and works with outdated browsers.
Excellent slider for responsive design websites.Takes an appropriate shape without any delay.
Very attractive slider with a plenty of visual effects.
Sub-item slider
Choosing this plug-in can be an excellent decision if you are searching a slider for your web-store.
Simple website slider
This slider can be a useful addition for your web-site.
Adaptive slider
Many beginners among web designers don`t understand adjustable website development on difficult examples, that`s why this slider was created.
Minimit Gallery
This plug-in can`t be labeled as a gallery, but shows wonderful effects.
Basic jQuery Slider
A slider for a whole family. There`s all what you need for multifunctional slider implementation.
A slider with not just an image view opportunity, but other content as well.
Orbit Kit
Superior jQuery slide-show.
«Scale Carousel» jQuery plug-in
Scalable jQuery slide-show
Excellent slider for news displaying with a plenty of effects.
Circle Navigation Effect
CSS3 jQuery slider with a circular effect while hovering on navigation arrows.
Presentation Cycle
Attractive «Presentation Cycle» jQuery slider.
Parallax Slider
Slider with a three-dimensional background effect.
Simple Fade SlideShow
A slider with an automatic image replacement.
Plug-in for content rotation.
Shutter Effect Portfolio
New jQuery plug-in for creating photographer`s portfolio.
Simple jQuery slide-show
jQuery slide-show with image thumbnails.
Splendid jQuery«Skitter» slideshow.
Efficient "Awkward" slide-show.
Rotating Image Slider
Creative jQuery«Rotating Image» slider.
Flux Slider
jQuery and CSS3 «Flux» slider.