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A website for the «Smaragd-pol» company
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Brand page

Dormitory area.

The stadium looks so much real

That`s what the real 3D polygon looks like

More objects modeling

Objects modeling
Stadium, airport, buildings, shops, steamship and even railway.

The city is large, - takes pretty long to project.

Virtual city projecting
Time for fun: virtual city projecting in 3 dimensions (Wow!).

Icons and objects creation
Sketches approval, moving on to designing.

Selection variation

The product itself

The street and the bus stop

General image

Texture selection

Trying it on the «Shop» page example.

Final planning
Placing the rooms and premises on the site.

3D room planning and schematic furniture placement.

Room schemes
The homepage was approved. Then the room schemes were received from client, so we turned them into 3D objects.

Pre-final: that`s what is to be approved by client

«Almost» final home model

It`s getting pretty, but we keep on adjusting and more rendering

The whole picture is getting clearer

Render farm is powered on.

Color scheme selection

Showing another version of brand selection form

One brand production
As we`ve found out, the «Smaragd-pol» company is an exclusive dealer of «Forbo» brand. So we started thinking of how we could to underline it.

Choosing products from a list

Product selection
Demonstrating how materials and products can be viewed.

Object portfolio review
Showtime: delighted client, everything seems to look just as his dream.

The second one, as a variation
So everyone liked an idea of interactive planning we started to develop.

The second home page version
That`s another pair of shoes! The idea worth developing.

Home page offer
Technologist doesn’t like it - means no offer to the client.

Special thanks from ABCname: Our company expresses tremendous appreciation to Sergey Cocosha, a senior manager of Smaragd-pol logistics department, for close cooperation and consultation during the project development.